for BOPET, BOPP, PETG and other FILMS


Rogers International, Inc. (RII) has been producing In-Line Coaters with integral Corona Treaters for the oriented film industry since 1989. Sometimes also called Inter-draw Coating, our process applies primers and coatings to boPET film, boPP film, PETG film and other films during manufacturing.

Our various proprietary coatings:
  • Enhance adhesion of vacuum deposited aluminum (such as in metalizing)
  • Enhance ink adhesion for printing
  • Enhance lamination and heat seal performance
  • Provide anti-static performance
  • Provide low C.O.F.
  • Generate high gloss
  • Provide a matte surface
  • Perform in high humidity and high temperature in retort applications 

We build Inline Coaters for inclusion into new film lines and as retro fits for older film lines. Our coaters are all operated via a PLC with touch screen HMI. Our PLC's are integrated into the film line computer for complete exchange of essential operational, process and safety data. Our machines and systems are CE compliant.
RII has many special designs for both one-side and two-side coating.

RII has a special new process for improving adhesion of coatings applied In-Line on boPP film.

Contact us for further information:

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        Greenville, SC 29607 USA                Tel: 1-864-676-9130
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